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Harrogate Learning Online is designed to enable Students to access online classes. We offer distance learning courses for any subject and any type of student…absolutely free*

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Student can access a range of courses to support their GCSE and A’Level studies or just learn a new skill

Harrogate Learning Online offer online courses for students of all ages. As well as supporting students through their A’Level and GCSE examinations we are also able to offer a range of Adult Learning Courses.

Courses run during normal school terms (Autumn, Spring and Summer) and vary in regularity or duration. Teachers submit the courses they want to run. This includes full details of the course. Courses are designed to be aimed at a specific level of student.

How do I know if a Teacher is qualified?

We require all Teachers to provide a brief personal summary. That is to say it should include qualifications and experience. We make this public to all potential Students. Above all, we recommend Students review these prior to booking onto a course. It is vital Teachers provide as much information as possible. Therefore Teachers should be transparent about their background and qualifications.