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Harrogate Learning Online is a free online courses platform that puts local Teachers and Students together. Teachers are able to submit their own lessons and courses. Students can then select a lesson or course they want to attend - all online and all for free*.

How does it work for Teachers?

Teachers submit their proposed courses and classes, this includes; the subject, duration, day of the week and time, together with a summary of the content. They also decide if they want to offer this as a free course or if they want to charge.

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Courses are designed and delivered by Teachers, Harrogate Learning Online lists the course information and handles the bookings. Once the course has enough students subscribed we work with Teachers to deliver the course via Google Classrooms.

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...Teachers are able to design and deliver their own courses and lessons. Harrogate Learning Online support them every step of the way.

How does it work for Students?

Once the free online courses are listed on the platform, Students are free to join as many courses as they want. When you register on the platform we send you a full set of log in details, including your own harrogatelearning.online email and Google Account.

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Students chose the courses they want to join and if it is a paid for course, make payment via cred/debit card or PayPal. We then provide you everything you need to access your course.

...Students are able to continue their studies or learn new skills and subjects using the full range of Google Educational Apps.

We are accepting registrations from both students and teachers. If you are interested fill in the registration form here and we will be in touch.

If you have any more questions you may find the answer you are looking for in our FAQs?

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*Access and use of the platform is free for both teachers and students. Teachers have the option to charge for courses which would be paid for by the students. In these cases Harrogate Learning Online take a commission on the sale of courses